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What is the multi-housing?

We use the term ‘multi-housing’ for any building of 5 units or more. This type of revenue property brings in much greater revenue, as much as 8%.

A profitable investment

With the drastic increase in prices of duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes over the last few years, multi-housing (5 units and more) properties have become much more attractive as a real estate investment.

There are several advantages to this type of investment:

  • You can use your home equity or personal savings to make the 15% down-payment required.
  • Costs related to the purchase, financing (interest) and management of the property are all tax deductible.
  • The cost per door of a multi-housing building can be only 50% of the cost per door of a smaller property. Ex: Fourplex $400,000 = $100,000 per door. A 16 unit building $800.000 = $50,000 per door.
  • The underwriters evaluate the financing risks based on the rental revenues not on comparable sales.
  • The underwriting process is based on the profitability of the building and not the financial status of the buyer.

Enter investment opportunities

Let the experts at Planiprêt Team Fabrice Mesnagé guide you in your real estate investments. We make sure that our lenders not only offer you the best financing conditions available on the market, but a fast service that will allow you to seize investment opportunities as well.

Invest in profitable multi-housing projects.

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