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Reduce the weight of your debts on your projects

Your bank refused you your refinancing? She does not want to consolidate your debts? This is a situation we know well. The reasons are multiple: a separation, a job loss, a damaged credit bureau, a vicious circle of credit cards …

Alternative and Private Loans :

It has been 7 years that Planiprêt has been developing its expertise in alternative and private loans. Our progress has allowed us to develop working relationships with 15 private lenders that cover the entire region of Quebec.

We do commercial and residential loans, balances of sale, bridge loans, debt consolidation and all other forms of ‘creative’ financing.

Credit rehabilitation program

If you have received a 60 day (non-payment) notice, a lean or a legal judgment against you, we can help.

Have you have recently been liberated from bankruptcy? Do you have any credit problems? We have developed a credit rehabilitation program designed to help you rebuild your credit. There is a choice of several credit cards available.

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We work in direct collaboration with over 40 bankruptcy specialists.


This gives us access to additional resources to better meet your needs. For the details of a Loan Trustee, please click on the link below: https://pierreroy.com/u/karine-teisceira/

Please contact us immediately, there is always a solution to every problem !

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