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Evaluate your financial situation

To take advantage of the best rates contact us 4 months before your mortgage expires. If your mortgage is transferable, there will be no cost related to the transaction. In effect, the costs (property evaluation etc) are paid by the bank. In many cases we can find you an institution that will pay the notary fees as well.

Together, we will evaluate your overall financial situation and determine which mortgage product is best suited for you (mortgage term, fixed or variable, payment options).

Improve your mortgage repayment

The goal is to allow you to optimize the payment of your mortgage while still respecting your budget.

Take the time to analyze the different options available to you before renewing your mortgage. At the time of your renewal be sure to consider any immediate expenditure you may be facing. There is always a solution available for you to during the renewal process that will allow you to achieve your goals: major renovations, interior remodeling, travelling or debt consolidation.

Here are the 2 principal options available to you once your loan comes to term:

  • Either a simple renewal of your current mortgage. The goal being to find the best rate on the market at the time of your transaction.
  • Or a more elaborate re-financing which will allow you to borrow more money or change the amortization period. The type of rate may also be changed from fixed to variable or vice versa. It is also the time to consider a split mortgage (part fixed, part variable) and a line of credit.

Renew your mortgage in the short or long term

Before renewing your mortgage you ask yourself if you want a longer or shorter mortgage term; what is your risk tolerance, and what short or long term projects you may have. Once you have considered all of these factors you are ready to make decisions regarding your mortgage renewal.

You can obtain the best rates, regardless of the conditions, for a period ranging from 90-180 days (based on seasonal promotions). In effect, during this period our mortgage specialists will ensure that you will benefit from any rate decreases up until 48-72 hours before you sign for a new loan.

*Residential mortgages of 1 to 4 units only.

Make an informed decision; trust your mortgage renewal to our mortgage specialists at Planiprêt.

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